13. Application procedures for Certificate of International Antique Connoisseur

1. Application qualification:
a. Applicant must have a diploma of related degree from U.S. or a foreign equivalent.
b. Applicant must have obtained Antique Connoisseur Certification.
c. Applicant must have qualified results from examination.
2. Application materials:
a. License or Qualified Certification of Examination (English translation required)
b. One colored Passport copy
c. A completed application
d. Four current 2”x 2” photos
e. US$100 application fee, US$500 tuition fee, US$100 examination fee,US$500 certification fee
3. Authorization:

Authorization to all directors to accept application.

4. Organization Contact:
a. Address: 556 N. Diamond Bar Blvd. 3F #300, Diamond Bar, CA 91765, U.S.A.
b. Telephone: (909) 612-2333 Fax: (909) 612-1018
c, Email: info@globallicense.org Website: www.globallicense.org